3 Reasons to Choose Grass Fed

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Our mission is to bring trust and transparency back to the food chain by supporting family farmers who raise animals humanely and sustainably. We are proud to tell you where all of our meat comes from and and happy to answer any questions about how it’s raised and processed. We believe that healthy animals raised in open pastures make for a healtheir planet and healthy, happy customers. Here are three reasons to choose grass fed.

Most times, conventionally-raised cattle consume a diet of grains and corn. The differences in the diets of cattle change the fats and nutrients you get from consuming different types of beef. Grass fed beef comes from cattle that eat only foraged foods and grass. Grass fed beef is said to have less total fat, more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more antioxidants, including vitamin E, as well as a type of fat that is said to reduce the cancer risks and heart disease.

Generally, livestock production is considered a net greenhouse gas emitter, however, research has shown that grass fed beef reduces carbon footprint, when compared to feedlot-type productions. We’re proud to work with Arizona Grass Raised Beef, which raises their beef on Arizona ranchlands where cattle enjoy the naturally occurring resources like water, flowers, and grasses. All 100 percent of their cattle is born, raised, and harvested in the state. Taking further sustainability steps, their ranchland operates with windmills and solar power systems. Plus Arizona Grass Raised Beef never uses pesticides, insecticides or GMO seeds on their lands.

From the farm to your table
We work closely with farms across the state and beyond to bring ethically and sustainably-raised products to the shop. That means that the cattle live a healthy and stress-free life foraging on grass, our lamb is pasture-raised and treated humanely, our pork is 100 percent naturally fed, and our healthy, happy chickens are free-range and fed 100 percent non-GMO feed, with no hormones or antibiotics ever.

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Ayo Skeete