Partner Profile: Arizona Grass Raised Beef


When it comes to food we are all about trust and transparency. And to us, that means providing shop customers with a prime selection of healthy products and ethically-raised meats. Before we opened in January, we spent an entire year making our way across the West and meeting with the best butchers and ranchers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah and Oregon. This journey allowed us to source the best all-natural products from pasture raised grass fed beef and lamb to pasture raised pork, free range organic chicken and eggs and much more. One of the partnerships we made along the way is with The Grand Canyon State’s own locally-owned and operated Arizona Grass Raised Beef.

Why Grass Raised?
The Arizona-based business specializes in both 100 percent grass fed and grass finished beef with no added hormones or antibiotics. The majority of cattle in this country is raised for a short time on grass and finished on a diet of grain that is unnatural to them. Industry research has shown that industrial grain-based feedlot practices can expose cattle to inhumane conditions and this method requires intensive use of fossil fuels that produce widely higher levels of pollutants than a free range, grass raised approach. Grass raised beef is also noted to have a higher amount of healthy fats, and grass raised beef also has higher levels of Omega-3s and Vitamin E that feedlot cattle.

Arizona Grass Raised Beef has a sound philosophy which is to remain completely transparent in their sustainable practices, minimizing their carbon footprint all while producing the highest quality of grass raised and grass finished beef available in Arizona. All of the cattle is born, raised and fabricated right here in the state at their USDA harvesting plant -- never shipped out of Arizona for any reason and never fed grains, corn or silage. The range bred, grass fed, cattle is managed by cowboys and ranchers on horseback and forage across thousands of acres on Arizona grassland.

On your next visit to the shop ask us about Arizona Grass Raised Beef.

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Ayo Skeete