Partner Profile: Sky Island / 47 Ranch

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At the shop we’re all about trust and transparency. And to us, that means providing our customers with the best selection of ethically-raised meats and healthy products. Prior to our shop’s opening we spent the last 12 months on the road traveling across the West meeting with the best butchers and ranchers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah and Oregon. This allowed us to source the best all-natural products including pasture raised grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised pork, free range organic chicken and eggs and much more. One of the partnerships we made along our journey is with Arizona’s own Sky Island / 47 Ranch. Here’s a few things you should know about the Southern Arizona ranch.

Sky Island/ 47 Ranch is located between Tombstone, Bisbee and McNeal Arizona. Comprised of 25,000 acres of desert grassland and and mountain oak woodland in Baja Arizona’s Mule Mountains north of Bisbee, the ranch has been around since 1992.

Sky Island / 47 Ranch offers range of all natural products including grass fed beef, goat and lamb. All are raised with no hormones, antibiotics or grain feeding. The Southern Arizona ranch also offers a selection of fresh garden produce when it is in season.

Dennis and Deb Moroney of Sky Island / 47 Ranch are active conservationists. Their ranch provides ample open space and a wildlife habitat where they raise Boer and Spanish meat goats, Navajo Churro Sheep and American Quarter Horses on native rangeland that is known for its high levels of species diversity and biodiversity.

On your next visit to the shop ask us about Sky Island / 47 Ranch.

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Ayo Skeete